• I taught myself graphic design, website design, photography, and videography and have been putting my skills into practice for over 5 years
  • I started my first business in college and worked with small business owners and start ups to design their logos, promotional materials, and websites.
  • I went to Penn State University
  • My degree is in Advertising/Public Relations with minors in business and entrepreneurship
  • My senior year of college, I co-founded a non profit called Empathink, which was focused on empowering women through social entrepreneurship
  • I used to work in real estate, helping multiple real estate teams with their marketing (this was great for me, because I loveeee HGTV!)
  • I believe business can change the world for the better if they are built in a way that creates positive impact. That's why I love Benefit Corporations (B Corps for short)!



  • I spend way too much time on my phone
  • I’m pretty sure I think in emojis
  • It’s hard for me to listen to a lot of podcasts because I get very motivated veryyy easily
  • Nothing gets me more fired up than women empowerment
  • I’ve been trying to “like” running for years
  • Brunch gets me out of bed
  • I love watching British YouTubers
  • I like talking way more than writing and that’s why I make videos
  • I love brainstorming new business ideas
  • I can't handwrite an ampersand
  • I love learning about digital marketing, online business, and passive income, and there’s nothing I care about more than helping others follow their business dreams and reach their full potential




Phew. That's a lot about me (choosing fun 3 facts is always so hard I just let myself run with it ha!) but now, l want to hear about you! What’s your story? What are you working on? What are you passionate about? What you’re struggling with?  

Let’s talk about. You can find me on insta (always) and email me at I love meeting like-minded people, and I’m always down for a virtual (or real life) coffee date!